7 Ways To Combat The Covid Bulge

A road with the word start to motivate dietingg


This inconsiderate virus really is obnoxious in so many ways. Not only is it changing our landscape, but it’s also changing our shapes as well.

In my diligent effort to avoid being infected with the contagious COVID I managed to contract the COVID bulge!

I was active before our world minimized in its attempt to flatten the curve. I went to the gym regularly. I also attended Pilates classes and ran with a running group.

Then COVID landed on our doorsteps.

At first, I tried to keep up the routine. I created a home gym in the garage, continued doing Pilates on the living room floor with a Youtube Pilates instructor. I walked and rode my bike everywhere. It was all good until we succeeded in flattening that darn curve.

Entering into stage 3, for some reason, gave me permission to start baking and eating everything. Plus, I stopped exercising and started driving instead of walking and biking.

Then summer set in and it became obvious that while flattening the curve, I had busted the bulge.

I had to take action and get it under control! So I created this list on 7 ways to combat the COVID bulge.

1. Get Moving

Find a friend to move with. It’s easier, more fun, and makes one more accountable. Make exercising a priority. Get into a routine either in the mornings, at lunchtime, or on the weekend, whatever works for you.

2. Schedule in a Youtube Video Workout.

Ask friends for suggestions on who they watch and check them all out. You’ll find one you like.

3. Snack on Veggies and Fruit instead of Cookies, Cakes and Candy.

If you’ve been munching on sweet treats to manage the stress of living with a global pandemic, then now’s the time to cut back. Do it slowly. Instead of one treat every day, have one every other day. Increase it to one every second day, and you’ll eventually be back on track.

4. Bake Less or Bake and Share.

I’m sure your neighbour, your friends, grandparents, or even your dog will enjoy your baking.

5. Meal Plan.

When we meal plan we eat well-balanced meals. If we don’t, we tend to gravitate towards take-out or convenience foods. These are often or usually filled with fat, sugar and salt. Our bodies do need proper fuel to get moving. If you eat crap you’ll feel like crap and be less inclined to exercise. If you need an incentive to meal plan purchase the Recipes To The Rescue Meal Planner Notepad.

6. Drink lots of water.

It fills us up and it’s good for us. In a past blog post I wrote about the benefits of drinking water. Every system in our body relies on water. We should aim to drink 1.5 litres of water a day which is roughly about 6 cups. If you’re active, have health concerns, or live in a dry climate that number should rise.

7. Get Enough Sleep.

When sleep deprived we lack energy and often eat poorly in an attempt to gain energy to get through the day.