Barb Kemp

Hello, thanks for checking out my meal planners, notepads and online courses.

I’m Barb Kemp, a food educator with almost 20 years of experience, and an enthusiastic home cook. I get very excited about paper products and talking and teaching about all things food.  

My love of food and cooking began in my twenties when I was advised to become vegetarian for health reasons.

Embracing the challenge, I learned to cook with veggies and whole grains and discovered a positive lifestyle change.

Later, when I became a mom, one of our children developed a dairy allergy and all meals had to be made from scratch. I struggled at first, but once again welcomed the change and learned to menu plan and cook dairy-free. It was a game changer.

Eventually, I switched careers and started teaching healthy eating and cooking in the community, writing a food blog, and a  Newsletter.

I created meal planning online courses to help you create habits and develop skills that can easily become part of a healthy lifestyle.

And I opened a notepad store in 2020 to sell weekly meal planning notepads to help you organize daily cooking.

I teamed up with my son Scott, who continues to design notepads for the store, including weekly to-do's, shopping lists and notes notepads.

I hope you find joy in your kitchen and find these notepads as helpful and fun to use as I do.

Happy Cooking!