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Barb Kemp


We are four adults living together and we take turns to cook. The weekly meal planner has been an important tool in keeping us organized.  

Also, it helps me make a plan when I am inspired which is often when I am going through magazines or browsing through the ‘Recipes to the Rescue’ website. 

The planner gives me a place to record those inspirations along with the ingredients when it is my turn to cook.  


I’m using my two cookbooks and your meal planner. It’s been fun. Kevin and I eat more together. He knows what’s for dinner before work. And he anticipates it.


"I have known Barb for many years. I have always been impressed and inspired by her passion, not only for food but for sharing her knowledge! This latest endeavour is proof of how Barb continues to make healthy eating accessible and delicious.

Barbara Allan

Thanks for your meal planner.  I gave it to my 30 year old daughter who is cooking more at home. She loves it. 


"Excellent teacher is key to the enjoyment. Barb was excellent, knowledgeable and a good teacher"


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