How to Get Unstuck From The Routine of Daily Cooking

Happy cook making a salad


Let’s talk cooking. Everyday cooking is a chore, right?

It’s as mundane as cleaning the house, doing the laundry or taking out the garbage.

It comes with a never-ending to-do list: thinking about what to cook, finding a recipe, grocery shopping, doing the actual cooking, and finally – the cleaning.

The whole meal prep process is time consuming and as monotonous as waiting in line to pay for groceries.

Which is why I, and probably you, too, cook the same recipes and buy the same foods repeatedly. We turn the chore into a routine because it takes less effort and time.

But routine becomes as stale as a forgotten cookie after awhile. Sometimes we need a little nudge to shake things up; stir some fun into our daily schedule.  

So here are eight suggestions to help smooth out some of those cooking ruts.

1.    Buy a new cookbook.

It can be inspiring to purchase a new cookbook. Recently I bought Oh She Glows from by Angela Liddon. It’s an older cookbook (2014), specializing in plant-based recipes. It was recommended to me numerous times and I finally purchased it. I’ve made a few recipes and been inspired to cook more already. Is there a cookbook on your bucket list to purchase?

Or, perhaps you have a favourite cookbook, or a pile of cookbooks collecting dust in your kitchen. Pull one out and try a new or long-forgotten recipe to spice things up.

2.    Buy a cooking magazine.

Yes, you can still purchase magazines! They are filled with recipes, and often feature seasonal ideas. Look for them next time you’re at a grocery store. This may be just the inspiration you need to change things up in the kitchen. 

3.    Have a theme night.  

There are many different cuisines from around the world, so why not plan a theme night one week? You could try Mexican, South East Asian, or French. Or, even combine a couple of them for a fusion night. Have fun with it!

4.    Scroll through Pinterest.  

The social media channel Pinterest is full of ideas. You may not find a recipe there, but you will certainly come away with your head swirling in new ideas.

5.    Try a food you don’t cook very often.

Is there a cut of meat you never buy? Maybe it’s seafood, shellfish or perhaps tofu? Jolt yourself out of your routine and find a recipe with that food, and cook with it. For me, it’s pork. That’s why there is a recipe for pork!

6.    Try using a slow cooker or instant pot.  

Cooking with different methods or appliances will shake things up too. I have an instant pot that sits unused in my cupboard, do you? Maybe now is the time to pull it out and give it a try.

7.    Try cooking with a new vegetable.  

It’s squash season, and there are many varieties to choose from. Perhaps try cooking with one you’ve never eaten before, such as spaghetti squash. You’ll be surprised how much it looks like spaghetti once it is cooked!  It’s delicate and not too sweet.

8.    Read my newsletter!

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