7 Reasons to Cook Dinner at Home

mom and daughter cooking and eating

7 Reasons To Cook At Home

Cooking and eating at home is easy to do.  Here's seven great reasons to cook at home. 

1. You'll Nourish your family

When you cook your own food you choose the best foods that will help your family grow and thrive. It’s easy to eat poorly when you eat take-out. Think of all the unhealthy temptations there are with take-out and how easy it is to choose foods that are full of fat, sugar, and salt (think burger, fries and a milkshake). When you cook at home you eliminate any temptations and eat only the good stuff.  Meal planning is a great tool to keep you on track.  Check out this healthy salmon burger as a healthy alternative. 

2. Date-Night

Cooking at home can be a fantastic dating tactic. Master a couple of simple, tasty and impressive dishes. Then, invite your partner or soon-to-be partner over for dinner, and the rest as they say, is history. A good recipe to start with is the risotto with veggies from the Recipes To The Rescue Blog.

3. Improves Cooking Skills

Cooking is a skill, just like knitting or learning how to play the piano. The more you cook the better you get. The key here is to try different recipes, different foods and different techniques that will help to move you out of your comfort zone. This way you stretch yourself and, of course, perfect the skill of cooking. Check out this Greek chicken with tzatziki recipe to try.

4.  Be a Role Model

If you’re a parent you’re role modeling for your children when cooking. If they see you cooking every (or most) nights then this becomes the norm. If you eat out regularly, then this will be the expectation. Set your kids up for success in the kitchen. Get them involved with the meal planning, shopping, cooking, clean up and they too will become home cooks.  Try this kid friendly chili macaroni and cheese recipe. 

5. It's Better Together

Cooking and eating brings people and families together (when we aren't under a virus ordered lock down!). Every special occasion centers around food. It's a fantastic excuse to have friends over to talk and catch up on world or life events. If pressed for time, consider asking everyone to pitch in to cook (and clean). This way it won’t be so daunting.  Here's a roasted veggie lasagna recipe that will certainly be a winner.

6.  Stoke Your Creativity

Once you master the basics with cooking then you can start engaging your creative self. Experiment and try adding different herbs, spices, veggies or other ingredients. You’ll be surprised at how great your cooking will be when you put a little of yourself into each recipe.  How about trying this curry veggie with garbanzo bean recipe.

7. Put Money In The Bank

Eating out regularly is hard on your pocket book. For example, let’s say four people eat out and it costs $18.00 each or $72.00 total. Think of all the meals you could create with $72.00 of groceries. It would definitely serve more than 4, and probably 8 people with left-overs. In the long run, there is no contest. Home cooked meals will be cheaper for you.