An Idea to end the doldrums of everyday cooking.

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Welcome to February, the second month of the second year of living through a global health pandemic. Yikes! I can’t imagine what will happen this year, but I’m rooting for us (humans) to conquer this killer virus.

Did you cook more meals at home last year? I bet you did. It’s something we can all do in our newly acquired, virus-induced, stay-at-home lifestyles. It can, however, get rather boring after a while, wouldn’t you agree?

You see, it takes effort to think about what to cook for dinner every night. We tend to cook the same recipes with the same foods that take as little effort as possible. And like any mundane activity that’s repetitive, cooking at home becomes stale over time.

So, I have an idea. Try cooking a new recipe this month. Two would be ideal, but let’s start with one. It doesn’t even have to be a new recipe; it could be an old favourite from many years ago, like the salmon burger below.

I found this salmon burger recipe in a forgotten stack of recipes from about 20 years ago. I tweaked it slightly and, to my delight, it was the highlight of my cooking week. I served it with the coleslaw recipe, also below, and potato chips. Heck, I almost imagined I was at a restaurant and we were back in the good old days.

Stepping outside of the usual routine can add excitement into the monotonous doldrums of your everyday cooking. I suggest you give it a try.  Root around for a forgotten recipe of your own, or perhaps try a new one from a cookbook or from right here on my recipe blog here. And don't forget to meal plan to keep you on track.

Stay safe, eat well, and don’t forget to add some excitement this month by trying a new recipe of your own. It just might be your new favourite!