How to Transition into The Routine Of Everyday Cooking

Hello fellow home cooks, and welcome to September!  

September has always represented a reset to me; a time to pull ourselves out of relaxed summer mode and dive into a structured fall routine.  

It means saying goodbye to some of my favourite things: informal commitments, simple cooking with fresh local ingredients, visits to the beach or lake and hanging out with friends on the back porch!  

September is like settling into a big comfy chair, where you know you’ll be for a while.  

Are you ready?

For us home cooks, it means reacquainting ourselves with the routine of everyday cooking. The fading sunsets will force us into our kitchens earlier in the evening and we’ll soon be thinking about “what to cook for dinner” every night, and then, yes, actually cooking dinner. Every Night.  

I do like cooking, however, the leap into the fall cooking routine –
along with the startup of commitments of work, classes and chores – can be overwhelming.

But, it can’t be avoided, so we might as well buck up and reset.

Like any transition, it’s best to ease into it slowly. So I suggest starting the process by meal planning. Aim to meal plan for two or three nights a week and make a little extra to serve for leftovers on the other nights. I also suggest adding some fun into the weekly plan ( i.e., desserts) to lighten the mood.

Meal planning is like a to-do list. It eliminates trying to remember all the things you need to get done. Meal planning will take the stress out of thinking of what to cook for dinner every night, and will allow you to complete all your daily tasks with ease. Check out our meal planner notepads in our shop here.

I’ve also included three recipes for you to consider making this month. There’s an easy vegetarian Tex-Mex casserole, pork with peanut sauce, and a zucchini pineapple cake.

Good luck with the transition and happy cooking!

Zucchini Pineapple Cake