Secret to Improving Eating Habits

worman eating healthy fruit

“It always looks impossible until it's done."
- Nelson Mandela

It’s never easy to self-correct or to eat a healthier diet after a few weeks or months off the rails. It can feel intimidating, like jumping off the high diving board of a pool, or learning a new language.

We’re all creatures of habit and we know what we like to eat, which is why it’s hard to change. It’s not easy changing your lifestyle, eating different foods, and modifying your eating patterns.

However, it can be done, with some desire (yeah!) and effort (darn!) Think of it like deciding to compete in a new sport. To do so would require committing to a training program, taking part in it, and repeating it until you reach your goal.

In fact, this is the secret to improving your diet. At least, it’s my secret on how to get your diet into shape. Why? Because it’s how I changed my diet. When I learned my cholesterol levels were as chaotic as the stock market, I decided to self-correct and eat healthier. Which meant, unfortunately, no more ordering French fries!

In other words, succeeding in improving your eating habits happens when you decide:

1. To take ownership of your diet.

Decide how you’ll eat, and what foods you will enjoy. Resolve not to let impulses, family, or friends influence you.

2. That you must change your lifestyle.

If you change how and what you eat, your lifestyle will change. For instance, eating less junk food and unhealthy foods is a lifestyle change.

3. To commit to fitting the change into your routine so it jives with your likes and dislikes.

There are lots of healthy eating options. Will you cook more at home and snack on carrot sticks, eat more fibre, and drink more water? Will you go on an organized diet plan such as Weight Watchers, a Mediterranean diet, or try vegan? What works for you? If it doesn’t feel right, you won’t do it.

4. Choose to give yourself the time to change.

Just like you can’t become a competitive athlete overnight, you can’t expect to change your diet in a month or two. Commit to the long game for success.

5. Keep your eye on the game plan.

You will take detours. It’s normal to go off course, but as long as you know your end destination, you’ll get there.

Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the process along the way. Good luck!