Brighten Up Your Cooking With Colour


We’re heading into spring. Yay! We’ll soon be feeling the warm sunshine on our faces, gathering outside with friends (socially distanced, of course!) and eating loads of fresh, locally grown foods.

Aren’t we all getting a little tired of cooking soups and stews? The spring harvest will definitely change things up and simplify meal prep.

In my last blog post, I suggested trying a new recipe to bring back the magic into your kitchen, and this month I’m suggesting cooking with colour. Because colour is fun!

Think about how dull a plate of white rice, white fish and plain cauliflower looks. Uninspiring, right? But if you serve the same fish with a fruit salsa, a nutty tasting brown rice and a side of vibrant, colourful veggies then you have a totally different experience.

It’s easy to brighten up any dish with colour. For instance, try serving a side dish of stir-fried or roasted vegetables with your main meal. Perhaps serve a salad with purple cabbage, dark green spinach, toasted green pumpkin seeds, topped with white feta cheese. Another suggestion is to add fresh herbs to a dish, or perhaps a sauce on top like the grilled beef recipe below.

Adding a touch of fun with colour can be just the perk you need to enjoy your cooking this month. I’ve listed a few colourful recipes below to try that will definitely brighten up your daily cooking. 

Here are some colourful recipes to add to your weekly meal planner:

Greek Pasta Salad with Fresh Oregano and Dill

Chopped Cobb salad with Garbanzo Beans and Feta Cheese

Simple Veggie Quiche

Grilled Steak With Cumin Aioli Sauce

Three-Grain Muffins


Cobb Salad