Spring into…an apron!

It’s spring…we can finally rid ourselves from the weariness of winter. Yeah!
I don’t think any place in North America was spared from crazy winter weather this year, am I right? Take a deep breath, spring is approaching and will soon be in full bloom.

Speaking of growing…it’s time to start prepping your gardens for the coming season. Do you have plans to cultivate veggies, flowers, or herbs in your garden this year?  

We live in the city of Vancouver in a small duplex. Crammed into our south-facing matchbox-size backyard are numerous pots for plants. As you may know, I have a purple thumb and struggle to grow food. However, it never stops me from trying.

This infliction started when I was a young girl. My parents always managed to find a small plot of the garden for me to plant veggies and herbs, which, as I recall, always failed. Funnily enough, it was always in the shadiest part of the garden…hmm.

This year, I’ve decided to stick to lettuce and herbs, because, well, everyone can grow lettuce and herbs…right? I’m also going to try growing cut flowers so I can have them on my kitchen table at dinner time. I’m not sure how or what that looks like yet, but that’s my plan. 

In other news, I purchased a new apron! You gotta look pretty in the kitchen right? Do you wear an apron? For me, it’s a necessity because when I cook, food flies all over the place. Our dog used to sit on the couch watching me cook and when all the madness ended (she always knew when) she’d swoop off the couch and help herself to all the tidbits scattered on the floor.  
If you don’t wear an apron, I highly recommend getting one because there’s nothing worse than acquiring a big grease stain on your favourite shirt after a night of food prep.

This month I’d like to share a couple of fun recipes I cooked last February. One is a salmon dish with a salsa verde, which has anchovies. Another is a spinach, potato frittata with cheese, and a salad with arugula, barley, and walnuts. Lastly, I have some delightful date, coconut, and cinnamon cookies.  

Oh, and do check out our Recipes to the Rescue shop because we have three new notepads. There is a new meal planner notepad and two new grocery list notepads. All of them have 50 tearaway sheets and will make your meal planning a breeze.

Thanks for reading happy cooking, and enjoy your spring! Don’t forget to buy a new cooking outfit (a.k.a. a cute apron) to add some glam to your daily cooking.


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