Ways To Save Money On Food

Woman looking at food bill in grocery store

Everyone enjoys saving money on food. Because of the pandemic we are all cooking more at home.  Here's some ideas on way to save money on food.

  • Make a shopping list and buy only what you need.

  • Shop at discount supermarkets.

  • Never shop when hungry because you tend to buy too much.

  • Check for weekly specials

  • Learn about “unit pricing” sometimes listed beside the price on the shelf

  • Check the clearance bins for discounted items.

  • Choose store brands, or buy from the bulk bins.

  • Cook from scratch.

  • In the grocery store, shelves at eye level contain the most expensive items; look at the top and bottom shelves for the same item at a cheaper cost!

  • It’s cheaper to buy frozen meats, poultry and fish than fresh.

  • You can replace fresh vegetables with frozen or canned vegetables to lower costs.

  • Recipes may require special herbs and spices that you don’t use often. Buy smaller quantities at bulk food stores instead of buying a large package.

  • Check the best before dates, to prevent spoilage.

  • Use Store Discount coupons.

  • Shop with cash to omit overspending.

  • Pack your own lunch

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