Mother and daughter meal prepping

How To Meal Plan For Parents

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Learn how to menu plan and create balanced meals for your busy family. Reduce the stress of home cooking for your family.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn how to prepare a weekly, healthy meal plan that's fits for your family's lifestyle.
  • How to organize home cooking & simplify meal prep to save time.
  • How to save money on your grocery bill.
  • Learn how to prepare healthy snacks for your family.
  • Includes menu planning and shopping list templates plus family-friendly recipes.
  • Learn how to get children involved with meal prep and cooking.

What You Get:

  • 16 Video Lessons.
  • Meal Planning and Shopping List Templates.
  • Completed 5 Day Meal Plan with Family Friendly Recipes.
  • 10 Steps To Meal Planning Handout.
  • Subscription To Recipes To The Rescue Newsletter.

Who It's For:

  • Those who want to cook more healthy, yummy meals at home.
  • Parents who want to feed their families a well-balanced, nutritious diet.
  • Parents who want to learn healthy snack ideas for their children.
  • Those who want to save money on groceries and waste less food.
  • Those who want to organized meal prep to save time and reduce the stress and effort of home cooking.
  • Those who wish to create meal plans that are ideal for their family's lifestyle.

How It Works:

  • Sign up.
  • Upon sign up you'll receive an email requesting you to create a password.
  • Once a password is created you will login to the Recipes To The Rescue Online school using both your email and your new password and start the course.

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