7 Good Reasons Why To Meal Plan

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7 Good Reasons Why To Meal Plan

There are many good reasons why we, as home cooks, should meal plan. Here are my 7 favourite reasons.

1. Saves you time

Think about all that time you waste during the week thinking about that question, “what am I going to cook for dinner tonight?” It’s probably hours of time you waste thinking about that question.

Now, if you take a chunk of time at the beginning of the week, maybe an hour at the most, and sit down and figure out what you will cook for the family, and then go and do a big grocery shop, you won’t have to think about that question again. All you’ll have to do is come home and cook. It’s an easy way to save time with your meal prep.

2. You will eat better.

If you take the time to plan what you’ll feed the family during the week you will definitely prepare healthier, well-balanced meals. You’ll be eating more vegetables, fruits and whole grains and less take-out, pre-made and processed foods. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

3. You’ll serve meals with pride.

Feeding your family healthy, tasty meals everyday is no easy feat. If you meal plan you’ll find yourself creating meals that are nourishing and yummy and that make you proud.

4. You’ll eat more variety.

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How many times do you cook and eat the same meals over and over again because you don’t have the energy to think about what to cook for dinner? I know in our house we eat a lot of pasta because of this reason. But if I sit down at the beginning of the week and do a meal plan, then I will change things up. I will pick new recipes to cook, or I will go through my recipe stack and find some favourites that I haven’t cooked for a while. It’s a guaranteed way to make daily meal prep interesting.

5. You’ll save money.

How much money do you spend on take-out or deli foods each week? These meals can add up. If you plan ahead, you won’t be tempted to eat out or purchase pre-made foods and Instead cook meals at home.This is why meal planning saves you money.

6. You will waste less food.

How many times do you grocery store without a meal plan and buy food you think you’ll cook, but don’t? The food sits in your refrigerator; the veggies rot, and then end up in the trash. It’s a definite waste of food!

7. Enjoy Cooking More

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My favourite reason to meal plan is because I enjoy cooking more. It clearly takes all the stress out of meal prep. I come home at the end of a busy hectic day and know what I’m cooking for dinner and have all the food in the house. All I have to do is cook!