Tips To Inspire Daily Dinner Cooking!

rhubarb at farmers market


It's spring!

We are inching slowly toward a new beginning. No, I’m not talking about a COVID-free existence, I’m talking about the fresh local produce that will soon be appearing on our grocery shelves in abundance.


It’s something to look forward because it will change up our recipe selections. With a full year of COVID-19 cooking behind us, we can all use a boost of motivation in the kitchen.

I find using the meal planning notepad to be super helpful. Once I plan a week’s worth of recipes and side dishes, it’s a real relief. It’s like coming home to a recently cleaned house.

Feels good, right?

Meal planning forces us to think of new recipes. I've suggested adding new recipes to your repertoire as a way to reduce the tiresome, daily grind of cooking. 

I've also suggested cooking with more colour.

Now, I’m suggesting buying a new cooking utensil.

How fun is that!

You know the feeling you get when you are shopping in a clothing store and you find that perfect sweater? Well, a new utensil will bring the same smile to your face and energize you in your kitchen.

A while ago, I purchased a lemon-lime squeezer. I highly recommend having one in your cooking utensil arsenal.


lemon lime squeezer


Before that, I would squeeze my lemons into a glass dish that spouted from a cone-shaped middle. It worked fine, but I’d get seeds in the juice and found it fussy and messy.

Then, I purchased a handheld wooden lemon reamer. It was effective, took up little space, but still, I had to deal with the pesky seeds. I’d squeeze the juice into a sieve to catch them. This created more mess and two dirty utensils.

Finally, I discovered a lemon-lime squeezer. Bingo! It was a game changer. All that’s required is you slicing the lemon or lime in half, popping it into the utensil and squeezing. You get lots of juice, no seeds and no mess!

However, be mindful to put the lemon or lime into the squeezer the correct way. Yes, I know it may be intuitive to most, but not for everyone (myself included). I realized after using my squeezer for many months I was doing it backward.

Hence the reason I created this video here on how to use a lemon-lime squeezer.

I’d be interested to hear what new cooking utensil you decide to buy this month and how it brought magic into your kitchen.