How To Save Money On Your Grocery Bill

Man in grocery store shocked at his food bill

Grocery shopping can be expensive these days. It pays to shop smart! 

Here are some simple ways to save money on your grocery bill:

1. Choose The Freshest Produce 

Choose what looks like the freshest fruit or vegetable in the pile. It may require rearranging the food displays the produce folks work so hard to build. Root around, move things and pick the freshest looking fruit or vegetable. 

This way, you will purchase the freshest produce and it will keep longer, eliminate food waste and save you money. 

2. Know Your Prices 

If you know what you should pay for your food, then you will not be tricked into buying products that claim to be ‘on sale.’

For instance, I buy a type of coffee that always goes on sale. However, the ‘on sale’ price varies between stores. The one-pound bag can go as low as $13.00 a pound. So when I see it ‘on sale’ for $16.00 I know I’m being duped. If you know your prices (roughly, we can’t all be perfect) you can avoid being ripped off. This requires paying attention to prices when grocery shopping.

3. Look For The Deals

If you have the space in your home (and the extra money) it’s worth stocking up on the deals.

Sale items are often at the storefronts, at the end of the aisles or at the checkout counters. However, sometimes you may have to hunt for them because they aren’t always obvious.

Don’t be fooled by signs. Some stores advertise certain food items with signs that might look like a sale sign. However, if you look closely, the signs are only advertising the product but not a sale price.

4. Search For The Discount Bins

Stores typically have them tucked away in a corner. You can find decent deals on hard goods, such as soaps, tea, cleaning solutions, etc.

5. Check The Best Before Dates

Read the ‘best before dates’ before you buy, especially on perishable items such as bread, milk and boxed lettuce.

Pick the package with the longest ‘best before date,’ which is usually at the back of the pile. This way, your food will last longer and you will not be throwing out as much. 

There are many great ways to save money on your grocery bill and these are just a few simple ideas. It really boils down to shopping smarter.

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